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Partner pricing - $1,999 per year

*  Drug Cost Reporting requires reporting for each calendar year and pricing is for each reporting year.

**  For plan sponsors with multiple TPAs or multiple PBMs in a calendar year, additional fees will apply.

***  Discounts for clients of TPA and PBM partners available.

Service Details

  • Access to our proprietary discovery session designed to collect all necessary information required for accurate reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Entering into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is not necessary as the reporting requirements do not necessitate identifiable medical and pharmacy claims 
  • Review of plan information, plan financials, administrative service, stop-loss premiums, employee contributions, organizational structure and other various cost items needed for accurate reporting
  • Standard pricing assumes analysis of one third party administrator (TPA) arrangement, one pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) arrangement, and up to three different medical plans. If the Client organization has more vendors than this, they can be added to your standard package for an additional fee.
  • Submission of required reporting on behalf of plan sponsor included